Top 5 Most Valuable Books For Entrepreneurs

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It’s no secret that successful people are readers. From Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to Elon Musk, these are some of the world’s most well-known billionaires who have spoken about the importance of reading for success.

There are a few books that these successful people read in common. Let’s find out the top 5 most valuable books you can read to educate yourself in personal finance or entrepreneurship.

1) Think & Grow Rich

With 15 million copies sold worldwide, Think & Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937.

You’ve probably heard of this book or even recommended by your friends because it’s life-changing.

Napoleon Hill has influenced many people through his book which talks about how every man or woman can achieve whatever they want if they put their minds to it.

This book acts like a “hack” to your brain, it helps awaken that part of your brain, as a result, it makes you do things you thought you couldn’t.

Personal Thoughts

My personal thoughts after reading this book was that there are no limitations in the things you’d like to do.

All things that you want to achieve, begins with your mind, telling yourself that you can and will achieve it.

After convincing your mind, start by planning the steps on how you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Everyday, wake up and remind your mind that you have a goal to achieve and tell yourself how you can work towards that goal today.

Favourite Quotes

The key to riches begins by having a burning desire, definiteness of purpose and persistence.

Thoughts and the subconscious mind works hand in hand, if you think you cannot get rich, it will be heard by your subconscious mind and whatever you feed it, will be practiced through plans and actions.

No one is defeated until he or she accepts it as a reality

The only limitations are the ones you set up in your own mind or the ones you permit others to set up for you

2) The 4-Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Work Week was written by Timothy Ferriss, an American writer and entrepreneur.

The book has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for 4 years and has been translated into 40 languages and has sold more than 2.1 million copies worldwide.

Tim talks about how you can join the “new rich” and work as and when you like.

He has valid points on how you can maximise your productivity with lesser time spent while increasing your outputs.

Personal Thoughts

When I first saw the book, I thought it sounded too good to be true.

I decided to give it a try and found myself hooked to the book and was reading it everyday.

Tim preaches to the readers that in order to get your life back, you’ll need to build a system. This system works for you and you just have to spend a minimal amount of time to maintain it.

The system can be delegating your work to someone else or producing something that can be scalable after the initial effort i.e. Writing a book

Favourite Quotes

Focus on being productive instead of busy.

Doing something unimportant well does not make it important. Requiring a lot of time does not make a task important.

Limit tasks to the important to shorten work time (80/20). 2. Shorten work time to limit tasks to the important (Parkinson’s Law).

The answer to overwhelmingness is not spinning more plates—or doing more—it’s defining the few things that can really fundamentally change your business and life.

3) Atomic Habits

The book that changed my perspective in life, Atomic Habits taught me that 1% effort every day can lead to a large compounded gain.

We often look at others who succeed and wonder to ourselves, “they must be lucky”. Not knowing that at the back, these people put in not just a burst of effort to get to where they are but they put in consistent effort.

I’ve realized that with consistency + the right mindset, you’re able to achieve anything you want.

This book got me started reading habitually and consistently which has allowed me to gain a good amount of knowledge from reading.

Personal Thoughts

My friend was reading this book when I first saw it.

Back then, I do not read and actually found it hilarious that my friend actually took the time to read.

He recommended me this book and told me that it was his 2nd time reading it.

I thought he must’ve been really bored to read a book twice. After that, I borrowed the book from him and I understood why he read it twice.

It was the best book I’ve read in 2020 and it made me understood how small efforts matter.

Favourite Quotes

1% better everyday will compound to a lot in the long run

Be concern with current trajectory than current results

The only way to become excellent is to be endlessly fascinated by doing the same thing over and over, you have to fall in love with boredom

Here’s my summary of the book.

4) How To Win Friends And Influence People

Another best selling book of all time with 30 million copies sold, How To Win Friends And Influence People talks about the principals of social interaction.

If you’re a aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to understand how you can work with people better and make them like you.

The author, Dale Carnegie, has been helping individuals and businesses improve around the world with his books and seminars for over a century.

Personal Thoughts

I have not read the book yet and it has always been on my reading list.

After writing this article, I’ll probably look to read this book next after finishing my current one.

For some people, reading this book may seem embarrassing because of its title. But with over 30 million copies sold, I believe it is worth the read as much as being in this top 5 most valuable books article.

5) The Magic of Thinking Big

The last book on this non-exhaustive list is The Magic Of Thinking Big.

Originally published in 1959, this life-changing book written by David J. Schwartz talks about how to think beyond the average.

Firstly, the author shares about the main causes of failures and how you can tweak your mind to think differently which increases your chances to succeed financially or in your life.

Personal Thoughts

I have not read this book yet and has also sat in my reading list for awhile now.

This shall be a reminder for me to increase my reading pace so I can read the books in my list.

My first thoughts after reading some review of this book are that its similar to Think And Grow Rich. This book seems to talk about how “hacking” your mind and attitude can increase your chances of success.

Nonetheless, it remains as one of the best books for entrepreneurs or whoever who’d like to improve their current situation. I’ll be reading this in time to come.


In conclusion, these are the top 5 most valuable books for entrepreneurs to get you started and “motivated”.

This list is non-exhaustive and I’ll be looking to increase the amount of books in this article as I read more books.

As of now, the top 5 most valuable books on this list seem to have changed and improve the lives of many including me, thus, it’ll be a great start for anyone looking to get themselves some knowledge and wisdom.

If you are struggling to read more books, take a look at this article on how you can read more.

Have a look at this article to remember everything you read.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article!

As always, let me know in the comments if you’ve read any of these books and if it has benefitted you. If not, let me know if you’ve decided to read any of these books!

See you on the next one!