How To Read More Books In 2022

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Hey guys, in the past week I’ve uploaded a new video about how to read more books in 2022. In the video, I shared about some tips that has personally helped me to read more books throughout the years.

I have also uploaded a new video at the point of writing this blog so you can check out the new video as well which is about the best metaverse investments now.

This article should’ve been uploaded last week but well, procrastination..

So let’s jump right in.

how to read more books in 2022

Stop Finishing Books

So the first point in this video is to stop finishing books.

As contradicting as this may sound, it has helped me read more books and gained more value rather than getting stuck on a boring book.

We’ve all been there, opening up a book, reading a few pages and finding it boring so we stop reading. This will eventually lead to procrastination and we will get stuck on the same books for months.

Personally, before I move on to a new book, I will question myself and see if I have gained at least 3 insights from the book.

Changing my mindset towards reading like this has made me read more consistently and also gaining much more value from it.

Getting a Kindle

The next point is to get a Kindle.

Ever since I’ve gotten myself a Kindle back in 2020, it was a breeze to read more books consistently.

I have written a blog post about this so I will not go into it too deeply, you can check out the post here.

But in summary, go get a Kindle.

Make it a habit

The next point is to make reading a habit.

Yes you may think that it’s easier said than done, but let me share with you how I made reading a habit.

Whenever I commute, in the bus or the train, I will get my Kindle out to read for the rest of my journey and the other thing I do is to place my Kindle on my bedside so whenever I am about to sleep, looking at the Kindle is the “cue” for me to pick it up and read a few pages before I fall asleep.

This “habit” thing is actually from a book I read called “Atomic Habits” which I’ve written a book summary about. You can check that out here.

Active Reading

The next point is what I call “Active Reading” which means to read and take notes along the way.

Many of us read aimlessly and question ourselves if we learned anything from the books we read.

This could probably be one of the reasons why many people stop reading.

However, active reading is a form of Motivation that shows you concrete evidence that you have gained value from the books you read.

I understand some people reads for entertainment so this generally applies to people who reads non-fiction.


Point number 5 is to get yourself a Goodreads account.

Goodreads is the largest social platform for books where you can add friends and see what they’re reading, look for book reviews and find yourself a book you’re interested in.

You can add those books into different sections or “library” as they call it in your account such as “currently reading”, “reading”, “read” or “like to read” all of these “libraries” are customizable as well.

This makes reading really fun as you’re able to keep track of all the books you’ve read and add it inside your “read” section.

If you’re interested, you can add me as a friend on my Goodreads where you can see the books I’m currently reading and the reviews I’ve given for the books I’ve read, hopefully to get you started with some recommendations.

Reading Partner

The last point in the video is to get a reading partner.

I find myself reading more books when I read with someone as it becomes some sort of an activity together with a friend.

This generally applies to many activities as it makes that activity increasingly more enjoyable.

You can set up a time and place with a friend probably at some nice café and indulge in the activity of reading while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Your friend can also act as your accountability partner where he/she can keep track of your reading progress.

It is also proven that you’ll be more likely to participate in an activity with someone compared to doing it alone.


So in conclusion reading is supposed to be fun, try to read the books that you enjoy and enjoy the books you read.

Thanks for watching or reading this article, I hope you found it useful!

You can check out my previous article about my previous video here.

Don’t forget to stay happy, be productive and go after your goals while you live your one and only beautiful life. I’ll see you in the next one!

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