8 Fastest Ways To Ruin Your Life

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Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I have been finding my footing being an Insurance Agent and a good father and husband. 2023 has been an eventful year for me as I’ve gone through many milestones all at once, with 2024 coming up, I’ve learned even more things about self-development and most importantly, things that you shouldn’t adopt that will ruin your life, quite literally.

This inspired me to write this article not only to share but also as a reminder to myself not to fall prey to these habits or beliefs. Here are the 8 fastest ways to ruin your life.

1) Checking Your Phone

anonymous woman sitting on train

Always look occupied by checking your phone constantly. When in doubt, keep checking your phone and avoid any forms of social interaction. See someone who needs help boarding a train? Check your phone. When you are boarding the train? Check your phone.

Wire your brain so that checking your phone becomes the path of least resistance and in any situation, it becomes the easiest way to zone out so you do not have to participate in anything.

Scroll mindlessly on social media when you commute so it makes your journey to work less gruesome while being envious of your “friends” who seem to be constantly traveling and posting what seems to be their endless profits from Forex or Stock trading, not forgetting to mention the endless feed of branded goods and luxury watches. Of course, it is important to also wonder why you are not like one of them.

2) Be Late

Always be late for every appointment, meeting, or friend’s gathering. Arrive at least 10 minutes later and look unprepared.

Besides, if you arrive earlier, you would have to wait for the rest and that leaves you in an awkward situation where you might have to interact with other people who are there earlier. I mean you could always check your phone if you find yourself in that situation, but why risk it?

Arrive later so everyone has to wait for you and always give them the impression that it’s normal for you to be late so eventually they will carry on without you which makes you feel better. Make sure they know you do not have any decent time management without even telling them.

3) Develop An External Locus Of Control

Begin to believe that nothing is in your control and everything that happens is to you, not because of you. Understand that the wealthy got rich because they got lucky, or that their wealth is being inherited. Relinquish control of your life, blame it on your current situation, and believe that success will just happen to you.

You do not have to work too hard or upgrade yourself as whatever you do does not matter. Let things come your way and just accept it as a part of your life. Blame everything that affects you negatively.

4) Steal The Spotlight

In any social situation, always steal the spotlight. Do not give anyone the chance to talk. You are the main character of your life and you should deserve the chance to speak up about yourself. On the off chance someone is speaking, cut them off and make them feel embarrassed about themselves.

When you do this well enough, you should see people starting to leave and avoid conversations with you and that’s when you know you are doing a good job.

Continue this ritual whenever you meet a new group of people and you will start to find yourself celebrating Christmas alone.

5) Wish

Wish things could turn out differently.

Wish that you were born into a different family and that you would end up with a better life. Simply wish for things to be different. Never plan or strategize on how you can make your life better.

Build a habit of fantasizing about your perfect world every day and reject the cards you’ve been dealt. Refuse to play an active role in shaping your life into what you want it to be.

Always believe that when you wish long and hard enough, you will not have to live a miserable life living paycheck to paycheck and that tolerating your boss will soon end.

6) Detract

Regularly participate in activities that consume your life and not make you a better person. Smoke and drink regularly so that days go by faster.

Go partying and clubbing weekly so that money is spent on cheap thrills and make sure you go back home only after the club closes. Always do your best to hook up with girls while you are at the club and make it a point that you’ll have a new girl to sleep with every week.

You deserve to unwind after 5 long days at work and weekends are meant for you to get your life back by constantly participating in these activities.

7) Despair

Tell yourself every day that you are unworthy of this life and that nothing you do matters. Do not show any signs of confidence and tell yourself that everyone is ahead of you in life. Constantly compare yourself with others but make sure you end up feeling bad about yourself.

Spend conscious effort to remind yourself every day that no effort is worthwhile and always undermine any work you have done or are currently doing.

Believe that no one trusts you and would rely on you.

8) Make Excuses

Always come out with excuses.

Come out with excuses when you are late. Make an excuse if you make a mistake. Never consciously reflect and tell yourself how you could do things better.

Make an excuse as to why you could not spend your weekends upgrading yourself or spending some time building a side hustle.

Make an excuse for how you could not find time to work out and stay in shape. Make an excuse for how you cannot get started in investing or setting aside some money to save.

Always be creative with your excuses but feel free to reuse them whenever you can.


Thank you for reading this article, it helps serve as a reminder to me of the things that we should not do if we want to improve our lives and that we are only the ones accountable for the decisions we make and also have the power to build the lives we want.

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