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Learning to code is one of the most promising career paths for the 21st century — but it’s also a task that can seem extremely intimidating.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to teach coding skills in an accessible way, including free online courses.

In this article, I’ll share with you an app I’ve been using for a month now ever since I got interested in coding. This is a place that’s beginner-friendly and structured just like how I learned Forex with BabyPips.

Let’s go in-depth with Mimo, a place where you can learn how to code for free just by using your phone.

Why Learn To Code?

In this digital era, learning to code has more pros than cons.

I’ve written briefly in my article “The Best Side-Hustles In 2021: Stay Home Pandemic Proof” on why coding is the foundation of all things internet and that everyone should pick it up as one of their side-hustles.

But here are some more reasons on why you should learn to code.

1. Becoming an Essential

As the future leans toward technology and looking at the speed of the advancement, learning to code may not be something so special in the next 10 – 20 years afterall.

The world would require much more coders and computer engineers to meet the demands of the advancement of technology.

It would not be surprising if we start to see flying cars or ridiculous technology that we once joked of, take Cryptocurrencies for example, the blockchain just might be the future of transactions in time to come and what does it require? The basis of coding.

Talking about Cryptocurrencies, take a look at this article if you’re interested to make up to 8.6% interest when buying or holding your cryptos.

2. Turning Your Ideas Into Reality

Coding is essentially a way to tell computers what you want them to do.

Having this knowledge, you’re able to realise the idea you’ve been thinking of by yourself be it a business idea or any ideas that make your life better E.g. Automation

If you have an idea to make an app, you can then bootstrap it by yourself and create that app the way you want it.

It’d be expensive if you were to find a programmer to build that app for you or on the other hand, you can help someone build an app.

3. Becoming a Specialized Generalist

Coding is one of the most valuable and difficult skill to pick up. This makes learning how to code a massive advantage as you have a sought after skill in your arsenal.

To make things even more interesting, you can look to combine coding with another valuable skill such as a strong knowledge in finance.

This is where “FinTech” comes about where it is a combination of “Finance” and “Technology” which requires a strong understanding in these fields.

Tim Ferris calls this a “Specialized Generalist” where you combine 2 valuable skills together to make yourself into a much more valuable asset.

It is much easier to become one of the top performers in your field if you’re a “Specialized Generalist” as there aren’t many people who know how to code together with another valuable skill you’re after, let alone combining both.

Coding With Mimo

After understanding why you should learn how to code, you’ll find yourself looking online where you can learn to code for free but not many provide a structured, fun and intuitive way like Mimo.

Depending on your goals, Mimo lets you choose between “Web Development”, “Python”, “JavaScript” and “SQL” where you’ll be exposed to different languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Mimo also provides a wide variety of courses and you can learn all this just by using your phone!

I am currently on the free version of learning “Python” and it has been great so far. The app provides the full 59 lessons for “Python” on the free version and once I am done, I’ll receive a personalized certificate too.

The paid version, on the other hand, costs $13.98 USD / month and $118.98 USD / year. The upgraded version grants you access to the full library of courses, projects and challenges with “unlimited hearts” (which I’ll be explaining later) and no ads.

Gentle Learning Curve

Coding in all aspects can be really challenging and dry, but Mimo does a great job in engaging people and making them coming back to the app and learn.

The image above is the layout where you’ll spend most of the time learning and completing codes.

It looks simple, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing which makes my experience in learning how to code really enjoyable.

The 5 hearts at the top of the screen represents the number of mistakes you can make before you’re done for the day.

I typically go through 1 or 2 courses before I lose all my hearts and I’ll just wait till the next day to continue.

The paid version grants you unlimited hearts if you’re into going “all in”.

Personally, this isn’t a huge issue as I get to take a break from learning and reflect back on the things I’ve learned.

Talking about reflecting on the things I’ve learned, Mimo offers “Projects” which unlocks after you finish a certain amount of classes in a course.

These “Projects” tries to bring in real life situations where you have to use code to solve the problems.

I find this really cool and helps you to implement the things you’ve learned into real problems or solutions.

You can treat this like your practical lessons after completing the theory and Mimo does a great job in structuring this as you should be equipped with the knowledge in completing the projects whenever it pops up.

Leaderboard & Streaks

Another exciting feature is the Leaderboard & Streaks.

Mimo makes learning exciting by implementing the leaderboard where you can compete with coders around the world for most weekly XP.

The more XP you accumulate, the higher the chances you’ll move to the higher league.

This concept encourages you to learn more if you do it seriously. There might be some people who skims through the lessons just to get into the higher leaderboard which makes learning redundant.

The other feature Mimo implements to help aspiring coders like us to stay motivated is Streaks.

By completing a lesson every day for up to 7 days, you’ll be rewarded.

And to be honest, I’ve not done so yet, so I cannot comment on the reward they provide but I reckon it’ll be more XP or coins.

Coins are the in-app currency which allows you to buy features such as “Streak Freeze” where you can keep your streak even though you have a day of inactivity or “Streak Repair” where you can repair the most recent day of inactivity.

I don’t buy them personally as I know it does not benefit me if I climb the leaderboard without truly understanding the concepts taught.


In conclusion, is Mimo the best app you can use to learn how to code for free? In my opinion as of now, yes.

I have not found such an intuitive, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing app which makes learning how to code fun. I am looking forward to complete all the courses to earn my certificate which is a great motivator.

On top of all the features mentioned, you can even learn to code with your friends and get 1 week of Mimo Pro for every friend you invite!

You can use my invitational link here to start learning how to code for free!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found a place to learn how to code for free, if it has benefitted you, do share this article with your friends!

See you in the next one!