How To Get Started On That Side Hustle

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Getting yourself started on that side hustle you’ve been thinking about for a while may seem daunting at first.

But you have to understand how crucial it is to take the first steps.

As cliché as it may sound, you have to start before you could fail and that’s what you actually want. Fail your way to success.

This article was inspired by my girlfriend last weekend when we were discussing some hustle ideas.

She has some interesting and great ideas and even manages to have a “long term” plan for her own idea yet she hasn’t got started.

This is a common problem for everyone who’s looking into that side hustle and has plenty of ideas, including me.

Here are a few steps that may help you get over that fear and friction which I’ve applied for myself.

1) Acknowledgement

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First things first.

You have to understand and acknowledge that everything including the side hustle you’re thinking about is going to be uncertain and tough at the start.

The uncertainty is the fear that’s stopping you from taking that first step.

Know that there is “friction” between you and what you want to start.

After acknowledging it, you are going to realize that this friction is what causes doubt and procrastination.

I embraced the uncertainty and hard work and it has paid off, reducing the friction between me and the things I’d like to start or try i.e. Kairoshoot and HappySkates.

2) Be Accountable

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One way to reduce this friction is to consciously make yourself accountable.

Write down when you will be taking that first step on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see every day. It doesn’t have to be what you need to do, just write down when you need to do it.

Once you sit down and brainstorm, the steps will be clear.

If you think you’ll still procrastinate, congratulations. You’ve acknowledged point 1.

You’ve acknowledged that it’s going to be hard and uncertain and it’s not your excuse anymore but rather, knowing that the true reason is procrastination.

The next step would then be finding an accountability partner. A friend who you can talk to and tell them that you’ll be starting on that side hustle on this day and date.

Note down that auspicious day in your calendar and get your friend to check on you when the day comes (or check on you every few days), the latter works better.

This usually works as you do not want to fall back on your word and to make it even easier for you to start, put something on the line such as buying your friend a meal or owe him some money If you fail to do so.

3) Be Unprepared

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Kairoshoot started unprepared.

I got my first project when I did not have the gears needed and this made me take the first steps immediately to buy the things needed as I had no choice but to get started.

This works like “buying the flight tickets first so you have no other choice but to commit and plan that trip you’ve been waiting on”.

You have to understand that you need to have some knowledge in the field you’re looking at before you can do this.

There is no perfect timing. Take your first steps and improve along the way.

4) Start First, Apologise Later

Get yourself that first project and know that you will not do a good job.

That “failure” is also known as “experience”, the very thing you need to improve. Apologise for being incompetent and promise you’ll do a better job if you get another chance to work with them again and move on.

Your ego will make you do a better job in your next project which triggers you to find more clients and it snowballs.

It’s important to be positive and stay true to your promise.

If you think it’s irresponsible to take up a job when you’re not ready or competent, know that even when you think you’re prepared (which is unlikely), you’ll not do a significantly better job for your first time either and this will lead to a bigger disappointment (because you think you’re prepared).

It’s better to get a client when you’re not prepared.

This makes you excited and surprised which ironically, makes you put in your best effort and do your best work.

An example would be the time when you got your first part-time job. Unsure of what to expect, it makes you focused and you do your best to learn.

5) Keep Improving & Refining

Alas, you made the first move.

Even after those steps, it still takes effort to constantly and consistently improve.

Take pride in whatever you’re doing and remember to improve and do a better job compared to the previous one.

Here’s how to get started on that side hustle.

If you enjoyed, take a look at this article on the best side hustles in 2021 if you are looking for a side hustle and my previous article on how to remember what you read.

I hope this article helps someone out there looking to get started on that side hustle. Let me know in the comments section if it helps you and share with your friends to help them too!

That’s all for now, see you in the next one!

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