Improve Productivity In 2 Minutes

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2 minutes is all you need!

Improve productivity in 2 minutes? Here is how!

Everyone has experienced a dip in overall productivity once in their lives, and we know that being productive again isn’t as easy as it seems.

Will 2 minutes really be enough to increase overall productivity? In my experience, this 2-minute rule has helped me achieve a level of productivity that I once thought I was incapable of.

In this article, I am going to share with you how I used and am still currently using this to further improve my life and financial situation.

What is this 2-minute rule?

The 2-minute rule was coined by David Allen, author of bestselling book, Getting Things Done. The rule states that “If an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it’s defined”.

It’s a very simple rule that helps improve our productivity while reduces procrastination.

The simplest of tasks that we put off in our daily lives such as doing the laundry, washing the dishes, switching off appliances etc. can be solved in just 2 minutes.

How I improved productivity in 2 minutes

How did I manage to improve my productivity in 2 minutes?

Well, I first used this on rather menial tasks such as the ones mentioned above. Although I procrastinated and delayed my tasks, I still managed to complete them by the end of the day by telling myself it would only take 2 minutes. But what really amazed me, was that I unknowingly developed habits for these tasks.

One such example would be washing the dishes. I would delay washing my dishes till the end of the day every time but still wash them before I went to bed. And as time went on, I realized myself doing the dishes before bed everyday automatically.

This was a major boost in productivity for me and I decided to tweak some aspects of the rule to work on other things. I used it to get myself to workout 5 times a week consistently.

It was as simple as packing my gym bag the day before school. I would go to school with my gym bag and every time school ended, I would take a particular bus home. But what was particular about this bus, was that it would always go by a public gym. And because it only took 2 minutes to get off the bus and make my way to the gym, I found myself there 5 days a week every week.

What am I using this rule for currently?

I’ve recently started investing with the help of a friend of mine. All I did was respond to a post of his that I saw on social media. It was that simple. From there, I obviously inquired more and figured out my current finances and ultimately decided to do it.

Truth be told, this article would not be possible without the 2-minute rule. It was an opportunity that presented itself and I once again, decided to inquire more about it.

The way I am using this now, to help me achieve my financial goals is much like job hunting. I am basically either going around looking for opportunities to generate more income or chancing upon them.

It’s just that simple. I have used this rule as it was intended, adapted it and made it mine.

How you can use the 2-minute rule

How you can improve your productivity in 2 minutes? Start by choosing the simplest of tasks to start out with. Things like putting a used cup in the sink or closing room doors. Anything that you can think of that you would make your surroundings better.

Once those become habits become a part of you, that’s when you can start incorporating and adjusting the rule to better fit the tasks of your choosing. You could use it on things like homework, report submissions, walking your pet or spending time with loved ones.

Better yet, use it to learn new skills or start side hustles to generate more income. Improved productivity does not always equal more income. But how you use this tool, will determine the results.


This simple rule has helped me so much in life and will continue to help me in my future endeavours. The only regret I have, would be not knowing this when I was younger. 2 minutes is nothing when compared to years but, these 2 minutes, is your chisel. The same chisel that stone masons use when they create their works of art, creating masterpieces from solid stone. I urge you to use this in your life now and realise how this small tool will change your life.

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